Acousti Engineering Company of Georgia

Acousti was established in 1943 by Clark A. Loomis, Sr., Arden Henry, and Don Quisenberry as an off shoot of Acousti Engineering Company of Georgia and became a separate independent Florida corporation in 1946 that introduced a wood cane fiber ceiling tile system. This innovative ceiling system propelled Acousti into the forefront of the ceiling materials market. As materials changed so did the industry leaders. Acousti Engineering Company grew with key manufacturers such as CertainTeed Ceilings Corporation, U.S.G. Interiors, and Armstrong World Industries. Acousti added value to the ceiling manufacturers’ products by providing services such as installation, field management and logistical activities associated with a successful installation.

Over the years, Acousti Engineering Company of Florida developed an experienced field management team that understood the rigorous demands of the construction industry.

  • 1960’s The Vertical Assembly Building for the Saturn project at Cape Canaveral was launched to put a man on the moon.

    • Acousti was responsible for the largest computer access floor installation in the world.

    • Computer floors and clean rooms are added to Acousti’s portfolio of goods and services.

Acousti Engineering Company of Georgia
  • 1970-80’s Growth was driven by Disney World and the expansion into new market areas.

    • Acousti provides superior installation and field management in flooring and walls.

    • The flooring business grows and encompasses hard, soft, and specialty flooring surfaces.

  • 1990’s Acousti evolves into a "total" interior construction company.

    • Acousti continues to expand into new markets offering our expertise throughout Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and beyond.

Acousti Engineering Co. of Florida comprises four core business areas serviced by over 1,500 employees; Ceilings, Floors, Walls, and Specialty construction in the Southeast United States. We are the largest interior construction service company in Florida and growing throughout the South. We are not the same company founded in 1946. We have changed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. The products and services have changed for the information age and the new millennium. The things that remain unchanged are Acousti’s commitment to representing the latest innovative construction materials and providing unsurpassed quality workmanship to our customers.


James R. Verner
President and C.E.O.