Soundproofing and Sound Control Systems

Different properties and project types have different needs for soundproofing and sound control systems – and Acousti has solutions for them all.

We provide solutions to all special noise-reduction needs including fully integrated soundproofing, open-office acoustical efficiency, and industrial noise control. As a specialist in acoustical and soundproof construction applications, we offer total package applications for all commercial, institutional, and industrial systems that surpass our competition in quality and capacity.

Some of the verticals we provide solutions for include:

Healthcare – HIPAA inspired solutions for improved indoor environmental quality, comfort, and privacy.

Education – Products that improve speech intelligibility, so students don’t miss a thing.

Commercial Spaces – Acoustical treatments that fit the design of any office, retail space, or public commercial building.

Hospitality – Impeccably styled, low maintenance sound solutions for better ambiance and sound.

Worship Facilities – Excessive room reverberation and echo is reduced to increase clarity of speech and music.

Government – Wide range of acoustic products for any government facility.

Soundproofing and Sound Control Systems     Soundproofing and Sound Control Systems

Types of Soundproofing or Sound Control

For each project we do, the sound control goals could be different. Here is a brief breakdown of the different types of sound control Acousti handles:

Blocking Sound – This is what people often think of when they hear the term ‘soundproofing’. For this type of project, dense, mass-loaded materials will likely be used as part of a soundproofing assembly.

Absorbing Sound – When your space has hard, reflective surfaces, the sound often reverberates and causes poor speech intelligibility. Absorbing sound reduces surface sound reflections and improves the soundscape of the space. This often requires fluffy and porous materials to trap sound energy.

Vibration Isolation – Vibrational noise occurs when sound energy is in direct contact or resonates through a structure. To combat this type of structure-borne vibration, isolation products are used to break the connection to the material.

Sound Diffusion – Diffusion is when acoustic energy is scattered in many directions by a complex surface. Diffusion is a great complement to sound absorption, as it maintains the live energy from the room while still reducing standing waves and flutter echo. 

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