Resillient Flooring

Resilient commercial flooring is a category of flooring that falls somewhere in between soft flooring (carpet) and hard flooring (tile or solid wood). This area of flooring has much more versatility and its performance and aesthetic combine to create high performance environments.

This category contains materials such as vinyl, linoleum, vinyl composition tile, bio-based tile, cork, rubber, and more.


Resilient commercial flooring - Acousti Engineering      Resilient commercial flooring - Acousti Engineering

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can turn dull spaces into bright and colorful, yet high performing spaces. This versatile solution offers many types of patterns and colors, which work well for projects such as schools, hospitals, or other high traffic areas.

Composition tiles

A classic flooring option, composition tiles provide great value and offer a multitude of patterns and color options. This budget friendly, modular option is built to withstand heavy foot traffic while looking great.


Linoleum might seem outdated, but this modern renovation makes it an attractive option for facilities across the world. Linoleum is comprised of natural materials such as linseed oil, flax, wood flour, cork dust, calcium carbonate, and jute. This flooring solution often comes in one of three methods – sheets, tiles, and click-together tiles.

Linoleum is an environmentally friendly flooring solution and is completely recyclable and reusable. It is also easy to maintain and water resistant.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is another sustainable flooring option that has many benefits. It is mold and mildew resistant, sound absorbing, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and durable. It also provides more comfort underfoot than harder surfaces such as stone or wood.

Bio-based Tile

This type of tile is made without polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and replaced with a polymer made from corn. This type of tile is another great example of an eco-friendly flooring choice that is made to withstand heavy traffic while providing many style options.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring offers a safe, washable, long-lasting flooring solution that meets the high demands of many different types of projects including hospitals, schools, gyms and commercial kitchens.

Rubber can be the ideal solution for areas with heavy foot traffic. It can also be a cushioning agent that reduces fatigue and foot injury.

You can read more about rubber flooring systems here.

Each market and each project is unique and therefore there is no single flooring solution. To learn more about the resilient flooring options available or to request a quote, contact us here.