Since Acousti was founded in 1946, we have been a leader in commercial and industrial flooring. We specialize in many types of flooring including resilient, carpet, and hard surfaces.

Flooring is an important design tool for your project. It creates the right atmosphere – through design and through function. With so many choices available, working with an expert can help you make heads or tails of what your project requires.

As a full service single-source contractor, we offer an extensive selection of styles, materials, and colors to best suit your specific needs. Our commitment to working with the nation’s leading and highest-quality flooring manufacturers ensures that we surpass our clients’ expectations in value and expertise.

Our specialized flooring services include, but are not limited to:

Acoustic Floor Systems

Sports Floor Systems - Livingston Gymnasium - Acousti Engineering Creating the proper acoustics for your project is key, especially in hospitals, schools, and other sensitive projects. Make sure a professional contractor who has experience in meeting acoustical needs does your soundproofing.
At Acousti, we work with a variety of acoustic flooring manufacturers and can offer our expertise to complete any acoustic flooring solution.

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Rubber Floor Systems

Rubber Floor Systems - Acousti Engineering Commercial rubber flooring offers a safe, washable, long-lasting flooring solution to meet the high demands of any small to large size space, such as sports venues, educational facilities, government and military sites, hospitals, retail or any heavy traffic public area.
Rubber flooring requires less maintenance , helping to reduce overhead costs. We have the experience and knowledge to meet our clients’ needs on all rubber flooring and installation.

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Carpet Systems

Carpet Systems We have a long history of working with the nation's most well-known carpet manufacturers and are experienced in completing broadloom, woven, and modular carpet projects.

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Resilient Flooring

Hard Surface Floor Systems Resilient flooring is the category of flooring that falls in between soft flooring, such as carpet, and hard flooring, such as tile or solid wood. This category contains materials such as vinyl, linoleum, vinyl composition tile, bio-based tile, cork, rubber, and more.
We have resilient flooring choices from a wide range of manufacturers, and can assist in choosing the right products and designs for the customer.

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Hard Surface Floor Systems

Hard Surface Floor Systems Hard surface flooring is available in a wide variety of materials including ceramic, porcelain, wood, and other natural stone products.

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Full Service Flooring Expertise

We understand that the right flooring is essential to your design and application. That’s why our expert flooring team provides all of the services that you need to achieve the right application for the right price. Whether your priority is having the ability to choose from the widest selection of products, having the most experience, installation personnel, or obtaining flooring that meets LEED standards, Acousti has the services, people, and materials that your projects require.

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