Wildhorse Saloon

Wildhorse Saloon


Nashville, Tn
Tuck-Hinton Architects
Branch: Nashville
Wildhorse Saloon     Wildhorse Saloon     Wildhorse Saloon     Wildhorse Saloon    

Project Overview

The Wildhorse Saloon is a 66,000 square foot live music and dance destination in Nashville, Tennessee. Wildhorse is a multifaceted space with a restaurant, catering, bar, concert site, dance venue and TV studio – all under one beautifully designed and installed roof.

Acousti’s Nashville team was chosen to help select and install the materials and products used for part of their $9 million renovation, which included a new custom ceiling and VIP entrance. Based on our extensive acoustical ceiling experience, we were able to help the design team make product choices that met the owner’s and patrons’ expectation for a contemporary rustic revival style with the relaxed vibe that makes it such a popular Nashville destination – serving over 1.5 million visitors annually.

Products chosen included:
  • Armstrong Prelude grid system in black- 960 sf
  • Armstrong Cortega ceiling tile in white- 320 sf
  • Armstrong Dune Humiguard ceiling tile in white- 192 sf
  • Armstrong Metalworks custom aluminum blades- 324 pieces- custom color wrought iron
  • Architectural Components Group wood baffle system- 1,850 sf- installed on the 1st and 2nd floors 
The aluminum blades and wood baffle system required an installation from experienced ceiling mechanics, which allowed the Acousti team to shine in our technical abilities as well as design. Throughout the project, Acousti worked closely with Tuck-Hinton Architects and Beech Construction Services to ensure this project was a success. We’re happy to know that the success of this project and the materials selected stood true to the Wildhorse Saloon style, while updating and enhancing its appeal.