Tulia Osteria Restaurant



South Naples, FL
Tulia Osteria Restaurant
Branch: Fort Myers
Interior     Bar     Ceiling     Hallway    

Project Overview

Osteria Tulia brings diners a touch of Naples to Florida with its first osteria and an ambiance of "rustic chic" that harmonizes with the interiors of a lovingly restored Italian farmhouse. Acousti was utilized for our design and product knowledge to effectively provide a fix to an acoustical issue at a functioning high-end restaurant, all while keeping the restaurant open for business. 
Joe Hathaway was the project manager for this job.
Sector: Restaurants and Hospitality
GC: None applicable
Architect: Jackie Drake with Debra Yelner
Whisper Span Stretched Ceiling Panels
Guilford of Maine/Anchorage Fabric 
Services:  Soundproofing and Sound Control Systems