North Carolina History Center



New Bern, NC
Branch: Charlotte
Hallway 2     Presentation Room     Ceiling    

Project Overview

The North Carolina History Center at Tryon Palace is a place where the past meets the present. Located on the former site of the Barbour Boat Works warehouse, the building was conceived as a visual reflection of the town's history and the site's industrial character. To achieve this, The architects' goal for the project was to incorporate building elements typical of 19th century industrial style with modern developments in sustainable building design.
Acousti's main duty involved the installation of the building's intricate metal ceilings system. A challenge within the project that Acousti surpassed was installing a meticulous custom ceiling system on a tight installation schedule. Not only did each panel have to be customized to align precisely with all the building's other architectural features, but the architect also requested that no field cutting of panels were to be done to achieve a truly flat finish. By the end of the project, the design demanded 34 different panel sizes in 4 different colors.
As a premier installer, we ensured a seamless construction schedule with advance planning and precise measurement, a feat that could not have been done without Acousti's unyielding expertise, rigorous error-free calculations, and close collaboration with the manufacturer, Chicago Metallic.
Convention Centers
GC:   Clancy & Theys Construction
BJAC and Quinn Evans
Chicago Metallic Custom Floating Metal Ceilings: 25,000 SF
CMC Monarch Coffered Ceilings
Armstrong ACT
Barrisol Custom Stretch Metal Ceiling System
WhisperWalls Wall Treatment
Awards:   2012 Cisca Construction Excellence Award (Metal Ceilings)