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Nashville, Tn
Branch: Nashville
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Project Overview

During the kickoff meeting Messer Construction stated that they were looking for options to enclose the skylight area in the front of the building along the windows. Acousti immediately sent electronic data pages the same day with three different options; including price comparisons. Of the three options we presented, one was a real wood linear system and the other two options were different Hunter Douglas metal ceiling systems. The customer ultimately selected a metal ceiling system for fire rating reasons and a complete submittal package was sent to the architect for review which included electronic shop drawings.

Acousti’s greatest challenge on this particular project was access to the ceilings due to both their height and needing to maneuver around the monumental staircase built to access the third floor. Acousti along with six other contractors decided to have a scaffold built over the staircase to achieve the utmost safety for our crews. This stationary scaffold allowed free access to the requisite height so that all scopes of work could be accomplished in both a safe and timely manner.

Acousti is very proud of its achievements on this project. Ultimately we are very pleased that: 1)We managed to provide a safe work environment for our employees in an otherwise hazardous area. 2) We played a large role in assisting with the design of the project thanks to our expertise with interior construction systems. 3) We completed the project in a timely manner and on-budget in order to best meet the needs of our client.

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