ExxonMobil Houston Campus

ExxonMobil Houston Campus


Houston, TX
Branch: Houston
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Project Overview

ExxonMobil began construction of their 20-building, 3 million square-foot (279,000 sq m), 385 acre (156 ha) corporate campus back in 2011. With a commons plaza and open floor plans in the office interiors, ExxonMobil had a goal of using the campus design to encourage employee collaboration between the 10,000 employees who would work there.

The ExxonMobil campus was putting on its final touches when Acousti was contacted to furnish and install the acoustical ceilings and luminous ceilings in five of the six-story office buildings and wood ceilings in connector walkways between the buildings.

In the campus buildings, Acousti utilized 654,000 sf of Armstrong TechZone 24"x54" ceiling system with 1" foil back Optima tile and 15,000 lf of assorted Axiom trims, 3,800 sf of ACGI Encore Series 6 5'x5' wood ceiling system, and 3,400 sf of Barrisol Luminous Stretched Ceiling system. The project had a demanding schedule, with work taking place in as many as three buildings at any given time.

Acousti used our expertise to develop the most efficient, safe installation practices to complete the project both on schedule and below budget with no injuries. Being a petrochemical company, the safety requirements were very stringent; including hardhat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, long sleeve shirts, as well as daily stretch and flex exercises.

This project was a huge success for Acousti’s Houston team, as they were able to play a part in one of the largest construction projects (25 million man hours) in North America. Acousti is thankful to have had the unique opportunity to be part of this large multi-building complex, where as many as 20 buildings were in some state of construction at the same time.

Sector: Office & Manufacturing
General Contractor: Gilbane / Harvey
Architect: PDR
Products: Armstrong TechZone 24”x54” ceiling system, 1” foil back Optima tile, Axiom trim, ACGI Encore Series 6 5’x5’ wood ceiling system, Barrisol Luminous Stretched ceiling system