Boeing Charleston Expansion



Charleston, SC
Branch: Charlotte

Project Overview

Boeing's Charleston factory is one of the newest manufacturing, assembly, and delivery plants at Boeing. The factory is primarily tasked with assembling Boeing's latest aircraft, the Boeing 787. 
Acousti was the ceiling systems contractor responsible for coordination and installation of high end acoustical ceilings with seismic "D" assembly, formation clouds, custom metal ceilings, custom wood ceilings, and stretched fabric wall system. The three primary facilities (Final Assembly Building, Delivery Center, and Welcome Center) were installed simultaneously due to overlapping construction schedules.
As the largest, most experienced interior systems contractor in the southeast, Acousti was able to bring  formidable resources to bear on this: the ultimate Fast Track project. The final design for the majority of this work was completed during construction which resulted in numerous changes performed "on the fly" with no additional time allotted.
Despite the extremely aggressive schedule, extensive seismic requirements, complexity of the specified systems, and last minute design changes, Acousti was able to provide the client with a high quality installation completed on time. The Acousti tradition of providing solutions when others merely point out problems was, as always, the key to this successful project.
Office & Manufacturing
Turner / BE & K Joint Venture
Ceilings Plus Custom Metal Ceiling: 45,000 sf
Rulon Custom Wood Ceilings/Walls: 20,000 sf
Armstrong Optima Open Plan ACT: 350,000 sf
Armstrong Vector Formations: 160 modules
Armstrong Infusions Canopies: 45 modules
Whisperwalls stretched fabric system: 6500 sf
Services:  Acoustical Ceilings