A lasting commitment at Acousti Engineering is our unyielding dedication to safety. Thinking and working safely is part of our company culture, and we make it clear to our managers and workers that we never compromise safety for profit, we never cut corners, and we always think safety above all else before getting to work. Not only do we encourage all our employees to stop their work and take corrective actions if they see a safety hazard, we mandate it to our supervisors and take all instances of unsafe working conditions very seriously.
We pay special attention to making our workplaces as safe as possible through constant monitoring and assessment and by establishing a company-wide framework for managing health and safety. Our management has the obligation to give top priority and provide financial resources to correct and provide additional training to any employee who unknowingly, willfully or repeatedly violate workplace safety regulations, company-specific safe workplace rules, including those of our customers and common sense safety practices.
Within every office and job site we carry copies of our safety policy, which clearly expresses our safety and health guidelines as well as our compliance with the standards set forth under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the State of Florida Health and Safety Standards. In addition, we provide all safety equipment, expenses, and expertise to all our employees before they begin work. Our aim is to ensure for every activity that carries a critical risk and take proactive measures to prevent instances of any work-related danger.