2018-2019 Employee Benefit Programs
An Overview

Group Benefits Newsletter

The Acousti Engineering Company of Florida

401(k) Plan

The Acousti Engineering Company of Florida 401(k) Plan was established in 2005 to provide employees an opportunity to save for retirement on a tax favored basis. Our plan offers multiple investment options that you select based on your needs and objectives. Administrative services and investment options are offered through American Funds, one of the country’s top fund families. Employees are eligible to participate after a year of service in which the employee has worked at least 1000 hours.

Voluntary Group Life Insurance

The Acousti Engineering Company of FloridaUnderwritten by The Standard, this plan provides a generous death benefit equal to one times your annual compensation (based on prior year W-2 earnings) with a minimum death benefit of $20,000. Benefits may be doubled if death is the result of a qualifying accident. The cost of this coverage is provided to all eligible employees at no cost. 

This economical coverage is available with amounts starting from $20,000 to up to 5 times your annual salary (with a maximum of $500,000) (in increments of $10,000). Up to $120,000 is available on a guarantee issue basis. Amounts over the guarantee issue limit are subject to underwriting approval. Spouse coverage is available on a guarantee issue basis in amounts ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 (increments of $10,000). Child coverage is available in increments of $10,000, $5,000 or $1,000. The cost is collected through convenient payroll deduction.

Group Medical Insurance

The Acousti Engineering Company of FloridaAcousti provides all employees who have met eligibility requirements with the choice between two levels of medical benefits under a plan underwritten by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida. Participants may choose between the Low Option (Green) Plan, the High Option (Blue) Plan, and a Health Savings Account called the Yellow Plan.

The Green Plan offers a combination of co-pay access to basic care and catastrophic coverage for severe illness. Generic prescriptions are filled for $15 and others are subject to deductible and co-insurance. Under the Blue Plan, most in-network services are provided on a co-pay basis and some, such as lab work and well care, are provided at no cost. The integrated prescription benefit offers a three tier co-pay system ($15/$30/$50). The Yellow Plan (HDHP Option) is a Health Savings Account (H.S.A.) compatible plan, meaning that by joining the plan, you qualify for a Health Savings Account, so that you may use tax-free dollars to pay for your qualified medical expenses. Under this plan, in-network services are applied to your calendar year deductible then 20% coinsurance until you reach $5,000 of out of pocket costs. With the Yellow Plan, prescriptions go toward your deductible, then $15/$30/$50 co-pays until your $5,000 out of pocket maximum.

All of our BCBS plans offer an extensive nationwide PPO network of doctors and hospitals. Using the network, known in Florida as Network Blue (BlueOptions), saves you money. Because we use a PPO, you have complete freedom to see any provider in the network without a referral (see benefit outline for details). For all three medical plans you are responsible for a portion of the cost of both employee and dependent coverage.

The Acousti Engineering Company of FloridaFlexible Benefit Plan

Acousti operates a flexible benefit (Section 125) plan which allows participating employees to pay their portion of the cost for the High Option Medical Plan or the cost of dependent coverage under the Low and High Option Medical Plans, as well as the cost of the Dental Insurance Plan, on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction. Because of this plan, most participants enjoy a savings of 15-35% on the actual cost of these benefits.

Voluntary Dental Plan

The Acousti Engineering Company of FloridaThis plan allows those who wish to participate an opportunity to have true dental insurance with a top notch carrier, Sun Life Dental Network. The plan offers both in-network and out of network benefits. In-network services are as follows: Preventive Care Services 100%, Basic Services (Fillings, Root Canal, etc.) 100% and Major Services (Crowns, Bridges, etc.) 60%. Basic and Major services are subject to a $50 annual deductible per member up to $150 per family. Acousti’s sponsorship means the participants pay a low group rate, enjoy the convenience of paying through payroll deduction and the tax savings through the flex plan.

The Acousti Engineering Company of FloridaWorker's Compensation

The workers compensation program at Acousti is self-insured which means a safe workplace and good safety habits of all employees contribute to the company’s profitability (and the companies profit sharing & 401(k) plans).


Acousti Engineering Company of Florida is an equal opportunity employer in accordance with 41 CFR 60-4, 3 (a), 60-250.4 (m), and 60-741.4 (f).

This is a brief summary of the employee benefit plans and supplemental benefits provided or supported by Acousti Engineering Company of Florida. Actual benefit provisions and entitlement to these benefits is governed by the various plan documents and in some cases, specific carrier contractual obligations. Further details may be found in the plan certificates or summary plan descriptions.