Acoustical Walls Product Feature: Whisper Walls

Thursday, January 8, 2015
At Acousti Engineering Company of Florida, we have strong relationships with many different companies in order to provide first class service to contractors, architects, and end users alike. These companies support our core business areas, which include acoustical ceilings, floors, walls, and specialty construction. 
In this article we will be focusing on one of these trusted companies, Whisper Walls. Although named after their main line of acoustical wall solutions, Whisper Walls has many different products.


Whisper Walls

The Whisper Walls line is the original and top design choice for professionals searching for acoustical wall solutions. Whisper Walls are upholstered walls and can be applied as either an acoustical, tackable, or decorative surface. These wall systems allow for free form curves, decorative reveals, or three-dimensional surfaces.

These features make Whisper Walls an excellent choice for Acousti Engineering Company of Florida when we are planning a space with unique design and functional needs. Their acoustical, reflective, diffusive, or tackable properties canperform simple or complex functions as needed. The great thing about Whisper Walls is that the performance has little to no effect on the final appearance, making them practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Design and Style

When designing with Whisper Walls products there are thousands of fabrics from which to choose. Different styles, patterns, and colors are all available through Whisper Walls without the use of adhesive, nails, tacks, or tape. Whisper Walls systems work well cotton, silk, and wool (though they may require further stabilization); whereas nylon, rayon and viscose should be avoided altogether, as they are unstable.

Whisper Walls provides two specialty products for artistic and aesthetic demand, the WhisperMural and WhisperArt lines. Both of these artistic options are beautiful and still perform acoustically. Should your project not require design of that caliber, the original Whisper Walls line is a great option for projects with simple and clean demands.

Acousti Engineering Company of Florida is committed to providing the highest quality products, installation, and other services to our valued customers. With the use of the latest innovative construction materials and quality workmanship, we remain the largest interior construction company in Florida.  For more information about acoustical walls or our other services, contact us today.

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