Acoustical Ceilings - A Variety of Materials and Designs

Monday, December 15, 2014
Noise is something that can affect all aspects of life. In commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial settings, extra noise can be distracting. At Acousti Engineering Company of Florida, we’ve been a leader in providing cutting-edge acoustical ceiling options for our clients that not only look great, but can drastically reduce ambient noise at your location. 
Here are some of the options available when finding the solution that is best for your building project:


Acoustic Drop Ceiling Tiles

Designed to absorb sound, acoustic ceiling tiles can be very effective. Ceiling tiles work in conjunction with floor coverings and wall coverings to reduce sound levels. These tiles come in a variety of different textures and styles to suit any project. You can choose from traditional textures such as slate, swirls, and stucco or you can choose a more elaborate decorative pattern, which allows acoustic ceiling tiles to be much more appealing. 

Cloud Mount Panels

These panels, which drop down from the ceiling, are a solution to acoustical needs while satisfying an aesthetic desire for many companies or institutions. These panels come in many shapes, curvatures, and materials. This option gives you a much broader design appeal then the acoustical ceiling tiles without sacrificing sound control.


Wood Ceilings and Other Materials

At Acousti Engineering Company of Florida, our work has been expanded through many projects, including ceiling projects with a variety of materials. We work with not only ceiling tiles and panels but also intricate metal, linear, wood, and custom integrated systems featuring full control and distribution of acoustics, air-conditioning, lighting, and fire-rated ceilings.These types of ceilings can be a focal point in a building but also serve the purpose of sound control. 
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