Acoustical Ceilings

Wood Ceilings Reinforce Connection to Nature at South Florida Cancer Center

Linear design serves as wayfinding tool for patients and families The WoodWorks® Linear Veneered ceilings at the Miami Cancer Institute, Baptist Health South Florida, reinforce the connection to nature found in the surrounding landscape. Baptist Health South Florida wanted the design of its new Miami Cancer Institute to reflect the warm Mediterranean style of the other healthcare facilities it operates throughout the region. The client wanted to create a warm, friendly h...

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Suspended Acoustical Ceilings

A suspended acoustical ceiling is constructed from acoustic ceiling tiles and a grid system. Some people refer to this as a lay-in type ceiling. This system is durable, versatile, and has a relatively low cost. Moreover, these tiles are removable without incurring any damage to the structure, enabling you to maintain electrical and HVAC systems that reside above the ceiling. This type of ceiling is utilized in numerous institutional and commercial projects. Acoustical Ceiling Tiles or ACT are a ...

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Acoustics in Educational Spaces & Classrooms

Good acoustics play a significant role in the effectiveness of instructional and educational spaces. Classrooms with excessive noise reverberation make it difficult for students to understand what is being taught. This is especially true for children with learning disabilities who have a far more difficult time paying attention to their teacher, which is neither good for the student nor the rest of the class. According to a recent paper issued by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ...

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Acoustical Walls Product Feature: Whisper Walls

At Acousti Engineering Company of Florida, we have strong relationships with many different companies in order to provide first class service to contractors, architects, and end users alike. These companies support our core business areas, which include acoustical ceilings, floors, walls, and specialty construction. In this article we will be focusing on one of these trusted companies, Whisper Walls. Although named after their main line of acoustical wall solutions , Whisper Walls has many diffe...

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Acoustical Ceilings - A Variety of Materials and Designs

Noise is something that can affect all aspects of life. In commercial, educational, institutional, and industrial settings, extra noise can be distracting. At Acousti Engineering Company of Florida, we’ve been a leader in providing cutting-edge acoustical ceiling options for our clients that not only look great, but can drastically reduce ambient noise at your location. Here are some of the options available when finding the solution that is best for your building project: Acoustic Drop Ce...

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